Red-tailed Hawk on Global Aviation deck railing. Photo courtesy of Dan Balzer.

A Brief Mascot for Global Aviation

For a few weeks in May, Global Aviation had a new mascot….a Red-tailed Hawk. Feeling comfortable enough to use the tail of a private jet as his personal perch, the hawk seemed unperturbed by man or plane. He was observed for several days by the staff as he made the Global Aviation facility his launch pad for frequent and successful raids on the local field mice, rabbits and birds. Since Red-tailed Hawks are aerial hunters, they need open spaces to spy on their prey and to dive in for a kill. A major airfield like Hillsboro is a perfect setting.

Red-tailed Hawks are the most common bird of prey in North America. They can be 26 inches tall with a wingspan of up to 43 inches. They derive their name from the rusty red tail common to the species. Their keen eyesight allows them to find prey from as much as 100 feet in the air. Red-tailed Hawks mate for life and are one of the few birds of prey that actually scream. They can be quite long lived, flourishing for as long as 21 years in the wild.

This photo of the Global Red-tailed Hawk was taken by Dan Balzer, the accountant for Global Aviation. “The hawk was very comfortable and would come in and perch on the railing of one of our decks. We all enjoyed watching the bird up close. However, the line service crew was not too happy when the hawk left the remnants of his lunch on the deck one day, requiring a full scale clean-up effort!” Dan laughs.

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