Sometimes the little good deeds and small gifts are just what people need to get into the season of giving. Global Aviation is doing its part to inspire by holding its annual Toy Drive, throwing a holiday party for its favorite team of employees and sharing staff ideas for how to get into the spirit of the holidays. Their small gestures and acts of kindness could lift spirits all year long. 

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Donate games, toys and gift cards in Hangar 1 before December 22nd.

Donate to the Toy Drive in Hangar 1

Make a child smile this Christmas. Global Aviation’s Hangar 1 is home to an annual Toy Drive that benefits the local Community Action Shelter. Books, board games, stuffed toys and gift cards are a few of the special requests received. Toys can be brought to the collection table until December 22nd.

Send a Card

Don Amon in IT is a long-time volunteer for Airway Science for Kids, a local non-profit organization that teaches kids about the exciting world of aviation. This year, Don has added a Christmas card project for local nursing home residents. He has personally helped make over 250 Christmas cards. Don hopes the cards lift the spirits of people that may not have any local family that can visit for the holidays.

Nellie Gordon in Customer Service likes to send a card every year at Christmas to uplift a child battling health problems. This year she has chosen a little girl who has made a remarkable recovery from life-altering injuries. The girl is asking for Christmas cards to fill up her Christmas card tree. Read her story here.

Help Furry Friends

Erica's dog

Erica Hogetvedt (Charter) found a four-legged addition to her family through her volunteer work at a foster dog program.

Annie Kaufmann (Line Service) helped a Wings of Rescue blue-nose bully named Kali find her forever home before Christmas.

Annie Kaufmann (Line Service) helped a Wings of Rescue blue-nose bully named Kali find her forever home before Christmas.

Erica Hogetvedt in Charter volunteered throughout the summer at a local and flexible foster dog program that helps find dogs their forever homes. She loves to give back and in the process received the perfect gift with a new four-legged addition to her family.

Annie Kaufmann in Line Service also enjoys helping with furry friends. She was able to find a heart-warming forever home for one of the dogs that came in on a Wings of Rescue flight to Global Aviation. The sweet and lovable blue-nose bully named Kali had been through a lot, but now is in the home of Annie’s boyfriend and his father who are loving Kali on her road to recovery.

Make a Friend and Visit the Elderly

Garden Way Retirement Center

Rashelle Bybee (Flight Operations) and her boys lift spirits with visits to the Garden Way Retirement Center.

Rashelle Bybee in Flight Operations makes giving back a family adventure. She takes her young boys to visit, Garden Way Retirement Center, throughout the year. The residents love to see the fresh little faces. For Halloween the boys showed off their costumes and enjoyed just eating lunch, walking around and playing games with the residents. Many of the elderly guests know them by name now with Isaac chatting with whoever will listen. “They always get the biggest kick out of him,” said Rashelle.

Be a Thoughtful Secret Santa

Thoughtful surprises are delivered year round by Global Aviation's "Secret Santa."

Thoughtful surprises are delivered year round by Global Aviation’s “Secret Santa.”

In the Global Aviation offices a Secret Santa is at work all year round. One thoughtful person on staff often leaves surprise gifts around the office and is always the first to help when someone needs a hand. One recent example was when Rashelle discovered a beautiful potted orchid in her office to replace one that had been dying. That kind gesture made Rashelle’s day.

Donate Spare Change 

In addition to Nellie’s Christmas card project, she likes to literally “pay” it forward on her commutes by giving spare change to the people in need on the 185th Avenue off ramp.

Throw a Party

Global Aviation is inspired by its staff and embraces the giving season as well with a holiday party for employees and their spouses. Even the catering department gets a chance to just enjoy with a wonderful Stockpot Broiler feast and wines from Lago di Merlo. The evening is a great way to relax, connect and share the holiday spirit.


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