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Global Aviation’s Jetlagged Softball Team

There is no shortage of sport enthusiasts among the Global Aviation staff and many have chosen to use those common interests to have fun as a team. This September marked the end of the staff summer softball league.

Very often the instigators of fun-loving ideas, Kyla Arakaki (Assistant to the President) and Rashelle Bybee (Flight Ops Administration Assistant) began wandering the hangars seeing who would join a team for the Hillsboro Parks and Recreation co-ed softball league. The team quickly came together with Josh Larson (Purchasing Assistant) taking on the role as coach and AJ Orlando (Chief of Maintenance) coming up with the Jetlagged team name.

The players gave the experience rave reviews. “We have played nine games so far, and even though we are not the greatest team, we have all had a blast!” said Christina Niemi (Maintenance). “It’s nice to be able to see a different side of coworkers that you might not even work with regularly.”

The team season of 4-5-1 had its ups and downs and most agree the most memorable game is the one they tied. “We were down by 6 points, and in the last inning brought our score up for the tie,” remembered Niemi. “Most of us had no idea what we were doing when the league started, but as the season progressed we’ve seen improvement across the board.”

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Jetlagged softball players got creative with their jersey names

“Win or lose, team spirit was always positive – especially when there was a great catch in the outfield, or a nice hit to drive in a run or two,” said Larson.  “With a team that has had to deal with pilot’s unpredictable schedule, or other people working late, the team was great at communicating which helped me to create the batting lineups and fielding rosters ahead of time and allow everyone to just show up, have fun, and not worry about all the paperwork stuff.”

Each player on the roster also had a nickname that added to the fun as seen below. Coach Larson also bestowed some individual player awards for the season:

  • Best hitter:  Wes “SIC” Howlett
  • Best arm – Robert “Bobby” Adkins
  • Fastest feet –  Ryan “Rybo” Boleen
  • Most willing to get dirty ­- Kayla “Murph” Kovalik and Nathan “N8 Dog” Harte (they really like to slide)
  • Best attendance –  Kyla “Shikaka” Arakaki
  • Most versatile –  AJ “Garcia” Johnston
  • Most improved – Charlotte “Felicia” Bolden
  • AJ “Director” Orlando
  • Bill “B-ill” Moore
  • Chad “Gus” Bellis
  • Christina “Niemi” Niemi
  • Dave “Kanye” West
  • Del “LED” Kaufmann
  • Esther “Rex” Koelbl
  • Joshua “J-Lar” Larson
  • Maira “El Maira” Lucatero
  • Rashelle “Rash” Bybee

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