Global Aviation participants in the Dick Inukai Birthday 5K Run/Walk

Rashelle Bybee, Scott Inukai, Carla Boleen, Kyla Arakai and Flo Newton run/walk to support the Inukai Foundation in May

With an attitude of support, and maybe a little “healthy” competition, Global Aviation staff members have recently taken on several fitness challenges. The Dick Inukai Birthday Run and a new Fitbit inspired daily step challenge are just a few inspired examples of employees teaming up for some good, beneficial fun.

Dick Inukai Birthday Run

In May Global Aviation’s Flo Newton – President, Carla Boleen – Charter Operations Manager, Sue McKeon – General Counsel/Risk Manager, Kyla Arakaki – Charter Sales, and Rashelle Bybee (with her cute little

Global Aviation "ambassador" in Dick Inuakai run/walk.

Global Aviation had a good will ambassador in little Micah who strolled along with mom, Rashelle Bybee, in the Dick Inukai Birthday 5K run/walk.

Global Aviation ambassador, Micah) – Flight Operations Administrative Assistant, all participated in the Dick Inukai Birthday Run. The Hillsboro 5K run/walk and fundraiser honors business leader and philanthropist Richard “Dick” Inukai.

The Global Aviation team first learned ofthe event from Scott Inukai, a valued charter customer. “As soon as we heard about the run/walk and the positive impact of the foundation, we knew we wanted to offer our support,” said Carla Boleen, Charter Operations Manager. “The event was well organized and good, healthy fun. All 165 participants really seemed to enjoy themselves.”

Since its beginning in 2013, the Inukai Family Foundation fundraiser has helped provide support for a variety of positive community projects including youth development, educational grants, meeting health care needs for seniors and providing Japanese education and awareness.

Fit Bit Challenge

Fitbit craze hits as Global Aviation staff start counting their steps to good health

Rashelle Bybee, Del Kaufmann, Flo Newton and Fred Elliot show off their Fitbits at Global Aviation

The Fitbit bug has bit at Global Aviation.

It all started with a quick conversation. Del Kaufmann – Chief Pilot, mentioned to his assistant, Rashelle Bybee – Flight Operations Administrative Assistant, that he wanted to be more active. She quickly bought him a Fitbit like her own. Then word began to spread.

“I kept finding more people at Global Aviation that had Fitbits and decided we should link up to encourage each other,” said Bybee. “It is very motivating and fun to see how much your coworkers are moving.”

The participants vary widely in how they achieve their 10,000 steps per day. Some who have desk jobs will now purposely make trips to the hangar throughout the day and walk after work. Some participants are mechanics who naturally move all day and get a head start just doing their jobs.

“We all razz each other about how many steps we get each day and keep one another accountable. Bragging rights have been quite the motivator for some people,” laughed Bybee.

So far, Fitbit participants in addition to Bybee and Kaufmann now include Flo Newton, Carla Boleen, Carol Weiss, Fred Ellliot, Mike Stokes, and Sue McKeon.

Fitbit craze hits Global Aviation.

Many Global Aviation staff members are sporting the Fitbit these days.

Even staff without the Fitbits are becoming involved in getting their daily steps in. Some are tracking their steps with apps on their phones. It seems the whole staff is talking more and more about how many steps everyone is getting and checking in with others.

“The whole thing is very helpful for those of us who are competitive. It’s no fun being at the bottom of the list for steps. I know there have been nights when I’ve been ready to crawl into bed, but if I haven’t gotten my 10k steps for the day, I put on my shoes and take a quick walk,” said Bybee.

All of these steps are also motivating people to find more events to have fun achieving their steps. Bybee was part of the Inukai 5K run/walk and groups are looking to participate in organized run/walks in the near future.

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