Remember as a kid the magnetic draw to a pet store window?  You would stand for hours dreaming that that “doggie in the window” could be yours. Imagine then, the excitement of pulling up to Global Aviation and seeing dozens of crates of dogs and cats waiting for new owners and safe homes. Global hosted a massive rescue mission by Wings of Rescue on April 12th for nearly 140 abandoned dogs and cats that were to have been euthanized in California. The state has a severe population problem with dogs, partly because of a lack of spaying and neutering, rescue groups say.

The star of this rescue was Blueberry, a one year old pit bull, who gave birth to 8 cute puppies or “muffins” a few weeks ago. Her California owner was caught trying to sell the puppies when they were only 2 days old. Blueberry and pups were rescued and thanks to Wings of Rescue were flown to Global Aviation and then transported by van to Panda Paws Rescue in Vancouver, WA. The crew and volunteers all donned blue T-shirts and baseball caps in Blueberry’s honor. The DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital housed two dogs overnight when bad weather grounded their connecting flight. Six private pilots donated their planes and time to the operation. The mission was truly a multi-state, multi- service effort.

Every year, millions of shelter animals are euthanized in the United States.  It is a problem of epic proportions.  In 2009, Yehuda Netanel, a commercial developer from Calabasas, California, co-founded the non-profit organization Wings of Rescue to address the problem in his area.

Blueberry, a 1-year-old pit bull, and her eight puppies (Panda Paws Rescue)

“Blueberry’s story epitomizes the problem we have with dogs in Southern California,” said Yehuda Netanel, co-founder of Wings of Rescue. Netanel works with the media and rescue groups to promote these airlift missions with the goal to influence the corporate aviation industry to join the cause.

“It is not easy to find an FBO that will accommodate our priceless cargo,” states Netanel.  “Global Aviation hosts our flights several times a year and so we feel as if we have a Wings of Rescue branch in Oregon. Today we have six flights coming in. The line services crew will be busy!”

As the crates were being unloaded onto the apron at Global Aviation, another story was unfolding. Flo Newton, President of Global Aviation was immediately drawn to a cage with a small, cream colored, poodle. Owner of her own standard poodle, Grigio, Flo was smitten. Loping out of his cage, the puppy was immediately enveloped in hugs. “Oh, I know I can’t keep him, but he is so cute and wants to be held,” she laughed. Sporting a bright red leash, the pup and Flo were soon striding out into the nearest field to explore.

The result…Flo did not adopt the young dog but Global Aviation employees, Rashelle and Jacob Bybee, did. “Frank” is now happily living with the couple and their son, Isaac. “We always knew that we wanted a dog; no little boy should be without,” explains Rashelle.  “When Frank came off the Wings of Rescue plane and we saw how sweet he was, we thought maybe the time had come. With some gentle prodding from Flo we decided to drive to the Southwest Washington Humane Society and bring him home. He has fit right into our family like he has always been there.”

Who says dreams don’t come true?


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