Management Team

Flo Newton-Merlo


Flo Newton Merlo is President of Global Aviation.  She founded the company based at the Hillsboro Airport (HIO) near Portland, Oregon, in 1995. Today, Global is recognized as the premier fixed based operator in the Pacific Northwest as well as a national leader in the executive jet charter industry.

Merlo’s love of travel began when she studied abroad in her first year of college.  This passion inspired her profession in the aviation industry, which she started in 1981 at Louisiana Pacific Corporation.  Reporting to the Chairman, she outlined the company’s ability to offset their fixed costs through charter services using four aircraft within their fleet.  Newton was appointed to manage the new department and was responsible for all aspects of charter operations, sales, and customer service.  She directed the charter department until her departure in 1995 having created a reputation for unsurpassed service catering to international dignitaries, royalty, entertainers and athletes.

Recognizing the need for a west coast based FBO of distinction, Merlo founded Global Aviation.  The reputation for a superior fleet and unmatched service has become a hallmark for Global and is reflected in the breadth and quality of its clientele.

The growth of the company is closely managed to the goal of superior support and superior customer service. To that end, Global has partnered with the Ritz Carlton training program for designing innovative customer service programs.  Global also established its own international discount fuel program, Global Fuel Solutions, which was developed to address rising jet fuel prices.

Merlo currently serves as President of the Harry A. Merlo Foundation.  She also serves on the Board of the Providence Heart and Vascular Foundation and the Chiles Foundation.

Peter Menza

Vice President of Client Services & Acquisitions

Peter Menza is Vice President of Client Services and Acquisitions for Global Aviation. Menza is a 30 year veteran of the aviation industry and focuses on client relationships, aircraft negotiations and acquisitions.

Prior to joining Global Aviation, Menza served as Sales Director for Bombardier Aerospace.  Throughout his 17-year tenure with the company, he was a distinguished salesman with a well-established reputation for customer advocacy.  Previously, Menza was responsible for helicopter sales at AgustaWestland for eight years.

Menza holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Fordham University, and was a Naval Aviator and Officer in the United States Marine Corp.

Peter is an active member of the Providence Portland Medical Foundation Board, and enjoys biking and exercising in his free time.

Ephraim Ingals

Director of Operations

Ephraim Ingals serves as Director of Operations for Global Aviation, and is dedicated to providing unmatched excellence in the operation and safety standards of Global Aviation’s varied fleet of charter and managed aircraft. Ephraim’s responsibilities include oversight of crew duty assignment, flight, ground and security training as well as aircraft assignment to Global Aviation Charter flights. Ephraim also conducts flight training, ground training and flies the Hawker 800XP and Gulfstream GV aircraft in charter service. As well, he also serves as Proficiency and Line Check Airman for pilots assigned to those aircraft.

Ephraim acquired his commercial, instrument, multi-engine and flight instructor ratings from 1978-1980. After working as a flight instructor for 2 years, he accepted a position as Charter Captain for Flight Trails in Carlsbad, CA and was soon promoted to Chief Pilot and Director of Operations.  He later became Check Airman, and ultimately, Vice President, operating a wide variety of aircraft including light single and multiengine aircraft, turboprops and jet aircraft including the Lockheed Jetstar.

In 1988, while serving as Captain and Check Airman for a San Diego-based charter operator, Ephraim moved from commercial to corporate aviation, flying a Hawker 700 and Beechcraft King Air 200 based at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, CA.  The following year, his career took him back to San Diego-based Intermark, Inc. where he managed another Hawker 700 based at Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA.  By 1992, he had moved to Washington, DC, operating over domestic and international routes from the Caribbean to Europe. During this time he also worked for British Aerospace in Sterling, VA where he served as Check Airman, and Ground and Flight Simulator Instructor for the Hawker 800 and Hawker 1000 aircraft.


Ephraim accepted a position as Chief Pilot and Aviation Manager at Sierra Pacific Industries in 1996, acquiring his Commercial Helicopter rating and overseeing the operation of a Beechjet 400, King Air 200, Cessna Conquest II and Bell JetRanger helicopter, the helicopter subsequently upgrading to a Eurocopter N model TwinStar and the Beechjet to a Hawker 1000. He oversaw the purchase and acceptance of the company’s Hawker 1000 aircraft, TwinStar helicopter and sale of the Beechjet. When the company decided to upgrade from the Conquest II turboprop to a pure jet aircraft, he oversaw the purchase and acceptance of a new Citation Encore and sale of the Conquest.

In 2010, Ephraim joined the Global Aviation team. In his current role he continually applies improvements in standards and operations to keep the company synonymous with providing the best service the aviation industry has to offer.

He has, as well become quite an accomplished fireman, successfully fighting fires and responding to all manner of crises during the course of an average day . . . !

Carla Boleen

Charter Operations Manager

I started in aviation completely by accident 30 plus years ago as an accounts payable clerk for a company on the Hillsboro Airport called Aircraft At Your Call.  Filled in as a Flight Attendant when needed for a short time.  (Being 5 feet tall I was the only one on staff that could stand up in the cabin – this experience left me with nothing but admiration and respect for Flight Attendant.)  Was asked to fill in for the charter coordinator during a leave of absence.  They ended up moving to Los Angeles and starting a satellite office and I became the full time charter coordinator at Hillsboro and eventually the charter manager.  Our primary focus became Air Ambulance where we became the leader in providing services for all the Portland hospitals. It was a very stressful job but incredibly rewarding.  Aircraft At Your Call was sold and I moved to the other side of the airport taking a position as charter coordinator for Louisiana Pacific.  In 1996 Louisiana Pacific relinquished their charter certificate and became a Part 91 flight department.  I remained with company as a one person show coordinating flights for the corporation’s executives, maintaining the crew schedule, coordinated schedules with the remote flight departments as well all the dreaded paperwork.  In 2004 Louisiana Pacific moved the corporation and flight department to Nashville, TN. This was not an option for me and my family.  Flo contacted me and asked if I wanted to come to work for Global Aviation as a charter coordinator.  I literally pushed my chair across the ramp to the hangar next door to start my new job.  It had been so long since I had worked in charter and the industry had changed so much with charter brokers and fractionals, it was like starting over.  It didn’t take long to be back in the thick of it.  In ???? I took over as Charter Operations Manager where I oversee an amazing team.

When I was in my early twenties and first working for Aircraft At Your Call, a pilot told me “you know once aviation gets in your blood, you’re in for life”.  I remember laughing at him and thinking “yeah right”.

I have lived in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area for 50 years.  Value my time with my husband and two sons.  For fun I like to go camping, hiking, kayaking, watching baseball, music concerts and anything that involves being with family and friends.  Proud accomplishments –  three half marathons, climbed to the summit of Mt. St. Helens (8,365 ft elevation),  hiked to the summit of Broken Top (9,177 ft elevation) and raised two awesome young men.